Who We Are

Submitted by tcanete1.local on Thu, 01/14/2016 - 1:42pm

HKN is a cost-recovery health information consortium run by the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary that delivers quality health
information resources to practitioners, researchers, policy makers and post-secondary institutions.

Our key offerings:

  • One stop technical and licensing support
  • Trustworthy resources
  • Consortia pricing
  • Licensing expertise

HKN databases can be licensed on an opt-in and opt-out basis.

Check out HKN's latest research on anatomy resources!

“HKN helps make the complex straightforward. HKN’s work in negotiating consortium pricing with vendors and providing packages of options for our decision making supports long term cost savings and streamlines our work. In addition, HKN provides invaluable ongoing support, liaising with vendors and advising on solutions to complex acquisition and access issues.”

Mark Asberg
Knowledge Resource Service
Alberta Health Services


“Being part of HKN all these years enables my library to offer to our clients affordable superior online resources. AGL is now in a position to look at AGL-wide access to these resources.”

Peggy Yeh
Alberta Government Library
Alberta Health & Wellness


“Consortia are a wonderful way for libraries to save money, time and energy. Having HKN staff's negotiation skills and licensing expertise on our side has done exactly that for SHIRP. HKN is a prime example of what happens when the right people, with the right motivation, put their minds to accomplishing a goal!”

Saskatchewan Health Information
Resources Partnership (SHIRP)